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ISP2ZIF is an adapter for programming of all types of devices with In-Circuit Serial/In-System Programming (ICSP/ISP), especially with the PRESTO and FORTE programmers.

The adapter is provided with the 40-pin Zero Insertion Force socket (ZIF) which accepts 300 to 600 mils wide devices.

ISP2ZIF works well for most of programmable devices like Microchip PIC® and Atmel AVR and AT89S ('51 architecture) microcontrollers in DIP packages up to 40 pins. The user can connect any device pin to any of 7 programming signals (VPP/13V, VDD, GND, DATA/MOSI, CLOCK, MISO, LVP).

Typical usage example:
The user connects the ISP2ZIF to the PRESTO or FORTE using an ICSP cable ICSPCAB8 supplied with the programmer. Device to be programmed (e.g. PIC or AVR MCU) then smoothly fits into the ZIF socket. The user then connects programming signals to corresponding pins of the device by plugging jumpers to appropriate positions in the pin array.

It is also possible to use the ISP2ZIF as a prototyping board.


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